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26 February 1960
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WELCOME TO MY WORLD! I run the Graduate Assistantship Office at the University of Illinois -Springfield in central Illinois... I'm a
daughter friend 'net user entrepreneur foodie
aunt student cellist/musician traveler nature lover
sister writer gardener/chef dog lover
godmother artist niece/cousin peacemaker
acoustic music, al stewart, alexander pope, alphonse mucha, ancient greek, baileys irish cream, ballet, basketball, bicycling, bill murray, birds, bluegrass music, blues, bocce, bookstores, burts bees, camping, canada, carmen, catholicism, cellos, celtic music, chanel#19, chess, civility, cooking, cross country skiing, csi, dean martin, denis leary, dogs, down under, ed harris, edith piaf, ee cummings, esoterica, est, family, ferns, film noir, first amendment, flyfishing, france, frank lloyd wright, frederic leighton, gardening, gary sinise, girl scout badges, gloria gaynor, god, golf, hd, heirlooms, henry james, humphrey bogart, ice cream, italy, james cagney, james garner, jericho, john mellencamp, john steinbeck, john wayne, johnny mathis, jorge luis borges, kayaks, keifer sutherland and 24, lakes, langston hughes, lavender, libraries, lilacs, louis armstrong, louise nevelson, manly men, maps, maria muldaur, martinique, mary chase, mika waltari, monkees, mountains, movies, nickel creek, norman maclean, numb3rs, paper arts, paul revere/raiders, penguins, periodicals, philosophy, photography, physics, plays, poe, poetry, portugal, postcards, prison break, quilts, radio astronomy, red pandas, richard belzer, richard nixon, right of association, rivers, rowan & martin laugh-in, saunas, science fiction, science/math, semiotics, smores, solitude, spain, steely dan, stephen king, storms, surrealism, tango, tea, tennis, the basques, the desert, the future, the midwest, the seventies, thomas hardy, tito puente, tolerance, travel, umberto eco, van gogh, varrtina, vermeer, veronica lake, violets, william faulkner, world music, yma sumac, yo-yo ma, zoos